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Who we are

ShamanX instant Programs and actionable Tips are written by internationally acclaimed coaches and distinguished authors.

Our instant Programs enable employees and executives to live a more balanced life at work and at home. Empower yourself with skills to better manage stress and achieve greater happiness in all aspects of your life.

Do or redo instant Programs to meet your objectives and reach your personal goals.

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For employees or business executives seeking holistic solutions that will help them achieve well-being at work and at home, rapidly.

Our story

ShamanX coaching products and technology have been developed after years of R&D and input from entrepreneurs, employees, coaches, psychologists, professors and ESG practitioners from many countries and different backgrounds.

An early pre-realease version of the ShamanX app was launched in March 2021 and we continue to improve the app.

ShamanX's mission is Enabling Sustainable People: we support people to develop their skills, in their personal and professional environments, to become better people and achieve greater happiness in all aspects of life.

Dan Vogel

The origin of ShamanX

‘‘As a serial entrepreneur, coach, and Board Member of high-growth companies in the Sustainability space, I have always been fascinated by how a person can develop professionally and personally. […]

I have met great people who not only revealed themselves but also impacted others around them, helping them be happier, more relaxed, or create financial and business value… through adapted interactions and coaching.

That passion for tapping into the capacities of human potential is one of the 2 main reasons why I decided to start ShamanX project a few years ago.

The other reason is my passion for Environment Social Governance - ESG - and the need we have to build a sustainable world for our children and humanity in general. […]’’

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